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Weightlessness is the complete or near-complete absence of the sensation of weight. It is also termed zero gravity, zero G-force, or Zero-G.

Blast Off

Built with Love

Zero-G was started with one mission in mind: to be a local curator of websites, graphic design, and application development. We strive to stand out from cookie-cutter templates and generic blog builders.

Each project we take on is lovingly designed by hand to deliver the finest quality and showcase our unique style. Our design process is out of this world.



The friendly faces behind Zero-G.

Andrew Long

Andrew is the founder of Zero-G and Long MSP. He has been working in IT for over 17 years, and designing websites on the side for most of that time.

Adrianne Green

Adrianne is the artistic mind at Zero-G. She whips up the logos and graphics that make the sites look cool and helps with the design process.

Billy Shakespeare

"Billy Shakes" keeps morale boosted and ensures the continued success of Zero-G. Through his tireless efforts, prosperity is guaranteed.

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